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Memorabilia, Thou Glittering Baubles


Anyone who refers to him or herself as a “collector,” be it of dolls, clocks, vintage toys, trains, or green glass, will tell you that collecting is a hobby/investment that can often veer out of control. Movie memorabilia collectors are probably most familiar with the term “out of control,” since the prices of memorabilia have

Brangelina, Meet Tybell and Linrone


Before Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie and before Taylor and Burton, there was the Golden Age of Hollywood. Magazines, newsreels, and newspapers covered the private lives of the stars, to a limited extent. Before talk shows, reality shows, and the Internet, celebrities enjoyed a tad more privacy than they do today. They could also lie

Tyrone Power: King of the Disaster Movies


He was pummeled with cereal, caught in a fire, then crickets invaded, the earth shook underneath him, and the rains came. Through it all, Tyrone Power stayed impossibly handsome and survived to make another film. In the late ’30s, Tyrone Power was the undisputed King of the Disaster Movies, as well as being chosen by

Site Launched

Movie watchers, we finally launched our site. We are still working on some part of the site, so please bear with us until its fixed. You can help us by sharing the site on facebook, tweet about our site on twitter etc.