Movie Memories Film Retrospectives


Movie Memories seeks to showcase the works of the directors, stars, cinematographers, and costumers of Hollywood’s Golden Age of cinema.

We do this in several ways: We ask movie theaters to host a film or films featuring the work of a specific person; and we bring in a relative, coworker, or a film historian to speak about the film and individual being honored. When possible, we display relevant memorabilia.

In other cases, we actually rent the theater for this purpose, rent the film, and hire a projectionist.

We do this on our own, choosing the honoree and going to perhaps his or her hometown or celebrate an anniversary such as a centenary in several spots around the country.

We are also open to suggestions by the public as to whom they would like to see, in what location, and if there are any theaters or venues available for this purpose.

In all cases, we invite the public to bring in memorabilia or to speak about the person. For instance, we are participating in Jesse James Day in Pineville, Missouri, where the film Jesse James will be shown. For this, we are asking the townspeople who are relatives of the film’s extras or perhaps were extras themselves to speak about the experience and bring in snapshots and scrapbooks if available.

We have found the sharing of experiences around a certain film or artist to be not only fun, but a very memorable experience for anyone who attends the retrospective.

We sincerely hope that you will contact us with ideas and/or suggestions.